Running Mode Modification

Due to my inexplicably depleted energy levels and weird vision problems as of late, I had to cut back on the running and start picking up ballet more often instead. And I’m not saying that ballet is easy, because it’s not. It just allows me to modify the exercise more than running. If you’re running, you only have one mode. Running mode. With ballet, you can make it as hard or as easy as you want. Honestly, sometimes I just lay on the floor and stretch.

Really though, I kind of like how it’s worked out so far. If I ever get better, I might just keep it this way anyway. It’s perfect cross-training. The physical variation is good but the biggest benefit is being able to mix things up mentally. When I’m running, I just take off and think about whatever I want and it’s good to just let your mind go like that. But when I’m doing ballet, I have to think about perfecting something. With the appropriate balance, taking your mind off of stuff is just as beneficial as going out of your way to make time to think about whatever.

Bring it on, life. Even if I never recover from whatever is wrong with me, this is ok. If a doctor diagnoses me with something and says I have to modify my lifestyle to fit my eternal brokenness, I can be like “I already have, bitch.”

This might be total denial. Or total avoidance. Or both.

Anyway, my mixes for running and ballet are very different. But this song is a common denominator:

Plus, the video is bananas because it’s Bjork.

I hope you people are satiated. Because writing these posts is like pulling teeth. And you can tell because they’re terrible.


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