This Is The Rhythm Of Living

I’m trying to figure out how to organize this shit better so it’s not all over the place. Here’s a weak attempt to fix the problem…

The part about my life:

This news article is basically everything I lovehate about Alabama.

You would think that the meth lab in the post office would be the best part. It’s not. This is:

Cindy Taylor, who never leaves home without her goat “Little Bit”, said the law needs to be tougher. “Little Bit” was riding shotgun on Wednesday while she checked her mail.

Silly me thought that it was possible to live in a place for a year and not become attached to it. Despite the stress of 500 things happening within the next 15ish days, I still feel the sadness of leaving.

Four years from now, if I’m still in New Orleans, someone has to come and get me and make me leave. Deal?

The part about my online shopping problem:

Oh, look. Another item on that I desperately want.

The obligatory part about the Steelers:

Here’s some holiday cheer. Chris Hoke is maybe probably the best caroler of all time.

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