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49 Days Later

My new boyfriend became my ex-boyfriend in late September. It was an amicable breakup and we’ve been able to maintain a healthy friendship. It’s nice to know that not all relationships have to end in disaster and I’m more open to them than I was previously.

Kelly, the Pittsburgh Rachel, and I had a crazy girls weekend in New Orleans shortly thereafter. It was almost as nuts as The Hangover. I’ve never done so many shameful things in a three day period. And I came home physically (and probably morally) broken. When you’re with tourists and spend every night in the French Quarter, New Orleans becomes the real Sin City. Everyone’s predicting that my life is going to fall apart when I move there in a month-ish. But I don’t think people fully appreciate/understand New Orleans. It’s so much more than drinking.  Although, when James, Rachel, Laura, and Julian come down for Mardi Gras, I’m mentally prepared to hate myself for the entirety of the following week.

The Mobile Rachel and I drove to Atlanta a few weeks ago to see Dispatch at the Tabernacle. One of the coolest venues I’ve ever been to AND the best show I’ve ever seen AND I got to meet them AND Pete and Braddigan signed my shirt. I’m not exaggerating when I tell people that it was the best day of my life.

The whole thing was especially crazy because I didn’t even fucking know they were touring again until like two weeks beforehand. We were at Serda’s doing clinical paperwork and Rachel mentioned that they were coming to Atlanta and I almost fell off the freaking bench from shock. Apparently, this isn’t even their first tour since getting back together to play again. I just assumed it was over forever so I didn’t bother to stay up-to-date. Lesson learned. Never give up on your life-long favorite bands.

Good Old War opened. And they were sweet/catchy/acoustic and made everyone all happy/wiggly. Check them out.

Also, at the tender age of 25, I realized how old I was. Say It Ain’t So started playing between bands and half the people geeked out and sang along like their life depended on it. The other half didn’t. And I realized that it was because they were too young to really have been truly affected by The Blue Album. I’m pretty sure that I’ve almost exclusively listened to Dispatch and Weezer since that night.

Anyway, nursing school turned me into a workaholic. Even though things are theoretically supposed to be more relaxed now, I’m intentionally staying outrageously busy because when I have free time, I feel empty and agitated. You can become so accustomed to stress that you can’t function without it. On top of practicum hours in the ED and stuff for online classes, I started volunteering at a community health clinic to fill the void. I can’t stop.

Finally, I’m going to die without hockey. Fuck the lockout.


I’ve Lost Total Control Of My Life

Have I already written a post titled that? I feel like I have. And if I haven’t, I’ve absolutely thought about it.

It’s because I’m dying.

13 days until this rotation is over. Hopefully (all my fingers crossed) it’s a little easier afterwards. Just a few more classes and a practicum left to complete. 101 days ’til graduation.

Anyway, a few updates:
1) Ben came to see me while he was visiting his grandparents in Florida a few weeks ago and it was awesome and I miss him every day.
2) I survived my first hurricane. Even though it was just a category 1 and hit New Orleans and Mississippi way more than Mobile. My power didn’t even go out.
3) I have a new boyfriend. And he’s awesome. So awesome, in fact, that when I was bummed about not being at Beaver Stadium with my family on Saturday, he made it better. I had class all day (yes, on Saturday… it was a make-up day due to Isaac) so I didn’t even get to watch the game. But when I showed up to his house afterwards, he was wearing a PSU shirt, had DVRed the game, and had a case of Yuengling in his fridge. Even though he’s an Ole Miss fan and we’ve been officially dating less than a month. Seriously, one of the nicest things anyone has ever done in the history of the whole world. This relationship terrifies me but I’m pretty sure it’s worth it.
4) I’m kind of loving SEC football because it’s crazytown and intense. However, I know next to nothing about it. Case in point… three teams I thought were in the SEC that actually aren’t: Baylor, Florida State (I really should have known that), and Oklahoma (don’t ask me why I thought they were). Also, I still don’t care one way or another regarding the Auburn vs. Alabama rivalry.

I’m so damn happy that football is back. The joy of watching someone catch a pass in the end zone is always way more intense during the end of August and beginning of September.

And a few of us got two parking spots for the USA/Nicholls State game this Saturday. First crazy tailgate of the year! Although, since I’m used to Pitt and Penn State games, this is gonna be a bit of a different experience. All you have to do to get parking spots is claim them and pick up the passes. Same for tickets. That’s unreal since I’m used to the competitive unavailability of these things. I mean, South Alabama is still Division I (as of this year, haha) but like half as many kids go here… compared to Pitt, at least (and its 1/3 compared to Penn State). Lord knows I’m gonna be drunk and cheering my face off though, so that part’s the same. I have school spirit in all situations.

Except when Pitt continues to embarrass themselves season after season. I will totally stand by a team to the end if they suck just because they suck (go Buccos). But Pitt sucks because they call terrible plays and throw terrible passes and fumble around like idiots. Consistently. Every season. I refuse to stand by that. If you’re theoretically supposed to be good but still end up sucking, that’s not ok. Get your shit together.

I’m kind of ashamed to have gone there now. Especially amongst all my SEC friends. I think I’m just gonna pretend that I’m not a Pitt grad from now on. If someone’s ever like “Hey Liz, didn’t you go there?” during the humiliating ESPN highlights (which I’m still boycotting, BTW), I’ll just be like “Umm… what?… No…” because that’s totally convincing and not shady so it’s gonna work.

In other semi-related sports news, I’m obviously absolutely happy that the Pirates might be able to slide into the playoffs… even though it’s actually been looking kind of grim as of late. I’d seriously cut off my left hand if it meant that this would come true though. Every time someone posts a status about being at a game or a picture of PNC Park, my heart breaks a little. Up until this summer, I’m pretty sure I’ve gone to at least one game a year since it opened. There are pros and cons to every major life decision.

And I know that on Sunday night when the Steelers play, I’m probably gonna put on my Polamalu jersey and curl up on the couch in the fetal position and be really freaking sad because it’s not the same.

TLDR: Despite not having posted for almost a month, nothing’s really changed.

All You Klingons In Your Grandma’s House

I dipped out of school this afternoon to go to the gym. Because when you’re this tired and focusing just isn’t going to happen, sometimes you just have to run ’til you feel relaxed again.

The last time I got a good 8 hours of sleep was June 4th. And that’s why my blogs have been crazytown lately. Well, at least that’s what Mary said. But I believe her.

And I’ve been totally mindfucked all day. I opened my birthday card from Nonnie last night because I couldn’t wait ’til my actual birthday (whatever, it’s close enough). And this card was different.

First of all, there was no bible verse written in it. WTF! For the last 25 years (I’m not kidding), that’s been a constant. She’s actually written a bible verse in every single one of my birthday and Christmas cards. It’s just what she does because she’s Nonnie and I’m not religious but when something like that has always been there, you miss it when it’s not.

Second of all, instead of the usual combo of bible verse + regular encouraging note, there was THIS encouraging note:

Do you love medicine? You still have time, intelligence, drive, etc. to be a doctor! 🙂 We love and pray for you each day.

Oh my goodness, she reads minds. Nonnie is like the Spock of grandmothers. I swear to God she mindmelded me from 800 miles away. And yes, contrary to popular belief, you can mindmeld without physical touch.

Spock and the Horta… hello?

So, anyway… it was just SO RANDOM. Like for real, how the hell does she know these things? Unless Mary is leaking all my secrets to everyone in the family (you better not be, bitch) this is absolutely bizarre.

And even though I know I can’t actually be a doctor, this makes the temptation so so so much worse.

It also makes nursing school more difficult. Because before, I was 100% nursing. And then sometime since January, I’ve become 90% nursing and 10% toying with the idea of being a doctor. Now I’m like 25% doctor/75% nurse and this has to STOP because it’s self-sabotage and will only continue to breed unhappiness.

The fact that I even slightly consider Austin and med school as viable options shows that I’ve lost complete control of my life.

I’m like stuck in the riptide of “you could be an orthopedic surgeon if you wanted to be…” and it sucks.

That one morning in the operating room THREW OFF MY GROOVE.

I wanna wear green scrubs and replace hips. Or I’m just making myself think that because I’m afraid of actually being committed to something.

Give And Take

Nursing school is ruining my enjoyment of Euro 2012 so I’m super bitter and resentful right now.

Spain was amazing today but I could only passively enjoy the game because I was face down in a textbook.

However, I’m working extra hard to get stuff done so that I can fully enjoy the upcoming weekend in State College with my family and get extra drunk at my cousin’s wedding.

My flight gets in to Pittsburgh so late tomorrow (like almost midnight late). Then it’s a 2.5 hour drive to State College. Then I fly back in the early afternoon on Sunday… Another rushed trip home.

And I missed the fleeting excitement of the Pirates being in first place. Although, people barely get excited about that anyway because they know it’s always a short-lived occurrence.

I knew about it, of course. But I wasn’t home to experience the moment. We at least always raise our Yuengling drafts in celebration.

And I have no idea what’s going on with the Steelers leading up to the 2012 season because I’m not around people who talk about it constantly and don’t have time to keep up with everything.

Also, sometimes I get a whiff of something that kind of smells like the hospital and then I can only smell the full hospital smell until that instigating smell goes away.

My quality of life is in shambles. This better be worth it. Once I land an ER job, I’ll be ok with the suffering. But right now, everything about the nursing school experience sucks.

If Liz Lemon Was An Olympian

Lolo Jones is my new favorite person. Her tweets are hilarious.

Also hilarious:

Unlike another famous virgin athlete, Tim Tebow, who has the personality of a lukewarm cooler of Gatorade, Lolo is funny, charming, humble, and wry. Instead of a brash obnoxious professional athlete, she’s like your funniest single BFF whose career comes before dating, and is able to joke about it.

I hope she gets a gold medal.

Speaking of the Olympics… I’M SO PUMPED. Especially because they’re the summer Olympics. I’m one of those really lame people who really really really loves the Olympics. I thought this would pass when I got older. But I think it’s just getting worse.

But I don’t have cable so that means I can only watch NBC and not everything that’s on all the NBC affiliated channels that have more frequent coverage and a variety of events. I want 24/7 Olympics. So I might just suck it up and get cable.

My other options:
1) Go to the bar to watch the Olympics every night and become an alcoholic as a result
2) Invite myself to other people’s houses so often that I lose all my friends and become depressed
3) Watch the events at the gym but 5+ hours of running on the treadmill each night will force me to drop below a healthy BMI

In other non-related news: HOME IN 2 DAYS. This week has been hell. Because it’s the last week of this rotation. And it will continue to be hell until Friday morning when I leave the Gulf Coast and return to Pittsburgh for the first time in exactly 5 months minus 1 day. Provided I don’t miss my flight. It’s going to be close. And I’m STRESSED about this. And everything else. Really… EVERYTHING else. I’m having those bridesmaid nightmares that Mary said I would get too. And I have irrational thoughts like “what if my hair stylist sneezes when cutting my bangs tomorrow and accidentally cuts all of them off?” School stress is spreading to life stress. My brain chemistry is off.

I’ve already had an exam and a simulation in the lab (which is stressful because it’s a simulated chaos situation) this week. Then there was clinical today and another near all-nighter from clinical paperwork tonight then clinical tomorrow and a debate to prepare. And then on Friday, starting at 7:30AM (I couldn’t even make this stuff up), a medical math exam and a clinical skills final. Then fly home, do wedding stuff all weekend, hopefully not be too hungover on Sunday (but who are we kidding?) and then fly back Sunday night and take a comprehensive clinical theory final on Monday morning. Yes, we have school on Memorial Day.

My BFF is getting married and I hardly have enough time to feel happy feelings. I know this will change once I land and forget school for 2 days. But for now, I feel like deferring enrollment for 6 months would have been a better idea.

39% Done

Knowing that I’m more than 1/3 done with this isn’t good enough. I needed a more exact figure in order to stay calm.

Now that grades for the spring semester have been officially submitted, I just realized that I took 31 credits of nursing classes in one semester. And 16 of those credits were grad level.


I probably should have paid attention to what this actually entailed before I signed up. Because that’s freaking insane. I think in college, I never took more than 18 credits in one semester. No wonder I’m exhausted all the damn time.

This 7 week clinical rotation is kicking my butt in terms of sleep and desire to be alive. Which is why I’m falling off the blog post wagon. There’s never any time to catch up on missed sleep or relax, let alone type nonsense.

1.5 weeks to go, though. And a little over one week ’til I’m HOME in Pittsburgh for the weekend! I think my flight gets in around 4PM next Friday. Then I have to turn around right after the wedding and get back on a plane on Sunday night. Sigh. I might not make it to December. I’m going to become one of the lost children of nursing school.

At least tomorrow morning I get to watch a surgery or two. Maybe that will be the speed boost I need to make it through another semester. Please please please please please be a total knee replacement. I’m dying to see one.

Anyway, here’s what I initially planned on sharing in this post:

I think I’ve started collecting YouTube videos of children being rockstars in cars… Exhibit 1 and Exhibit 2

Basically… Yes

Things from the interwebs that are funny and outrageously accurate:


That awkward moment when you wake your patient up in the morning