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This Is My Year

Remember when I said that one man can only do so much? Apparently, I was wrong.

I love Peyton Manning more than burritos. I probably love him more than air.

Oh, and for the record, I dumped Baltimore’s defense before the game because that was a poor choice that I knew wasn’t going to ever pay off. I’m back with the week-to-week strategy for now.

Also, all you people who didn’t start Wes Welker can go cry yourself to sleep… especially if you started Eric “Butterfingers” Decker instead. To be fair though, we all thought it was gonna be more of a New Orleans situation where the ball gets spread around a lot (and I still think that’s what will end up happening in future games), so it was a tough call.

And I will admit that I was kind of wrong about Torrey Smith.  He only got .10 points less for me than he was projected to, but I really thought he was gonna have at least one TD and way more receptions. The guy who filled in for Champ Bailey was SOLID. I’m sorry about what I said regarding Denver’s defense. They’re not actually that big of a mess.

Finally… Danny Trevathan. HILARIOUS. But I’m really sorry that that other guy got hurt because of it. I’m also sorry that I obviously don’t know the names of anyone who plays for Denver.

Anyway, that game was damn entertaining. Today was like Christmas. And Christmas did not disappoint. (Although, never does though unless you’re a selfish/high-maintenance person with no soul or you don’t have a family or close friends, in which case, I will happily add you to the list of my family/friends and you can have Christmas with me!)

But the BEST part about this was not the fantasy points… it was absolutely 100% the fact that the Ravens got CRUSHED. Aside from a Steelers win, nothing makes me happier.

It’s gonna be a good year. I can feel it.

PS – For you non-Facebook folks, I finally got my 4F trophy pic together.

2012 Trophy Pic

The gif never panned out because I couldn’t find what I needed for it and I refused to compromise on the vision. I pulled this idea together about 2 hours before it was due and I’m pretty content with how it turned out for what I put into it. “No minute like the last minute,” I always say.


My Worst Nightmare

So… the Steelers game started. But CBS in Alabama is still showing the end of the Eagles/Ravens game until it’s done. And as a Steelers fan, I obviously vehemently hate both of these teams. So, it’s not even a neutral minor inconvenience situation. IT’S TORTURE. If two teams I don’t care about were playing, I’d just patiently wait it out. Or if just one of these teams was playing, it would be bearable. Because rooting against the Eagles or the Ravens falls just short of rooting for the Steelers in terms of NFL game watching satisfaction. However, when they’re playing each other and you want them both to lose, even though that’s not a possibility, AND the Steelers are playing at the same time, it’s sheer misery. Plus, if I was at the Steelers bar, this wouldn’t be an issue. But I’m not because I have a cumulative final tomorrow.

As soon as I start to not miss home, something happens to make me miss it again.

Search Terms

Since this blog has nothing to do with my career or income (i.e. it’s not legitimate in any sense of the word), I rarely look at any part of the stats because I have no use for them. I seek to please no one and I have no motivation to increase my blog traffic.

But while I was browsing around and procrastinating today, I decided to check out the search terms from the last month that have led people here to my little spot on the internet.

They did not disappoint. Here are my favorites (in no particular order):
– “balto makes me cry”
– “is southside giant eagle more expensive”
– “steelers cowboy boots”
– “bible themed kickball names”
– “first line of margaritaville”
– “i’m an octopus that lives on land”

I will absolutely be checking my blog stats at least once a week from here on out.

I’ve Lost Total Control Of My Life

Have I already written a post titled that? I feel like I have. And if I haven’t, I’ve absolutely thought about it.

It’s because I’m dying.

13 days until this rotation is over. Hopefully (all my fingers crossed) it’s a little easier afterwards. Just a few more classes and a practicum left to complete. 101 days ’til graduation.

Anyway, a few updates:
1) Ben came to see me while he was visiting his grandparents in Florida a few weeks ago and it was awesome and I miss him every day.
2) I survived my first hurricane. Even though it was just a category 1 and hit New Orleans and Mississippi way more than Mobile. My power didn’t even go out.
3) I have a new boyfriend. And he’s awesome. So awesome, in fact, that when I was bummed about not being at Beaver Stadium with my family on Saturday, he made it better. I had class all day (yes, on Saturday… it was a make-up day due to Isaac) so I didn’t even get to watch the game. But when I showed up to his house afterwards, he was wearing a PSU shirt, had DVRed the game, and had a case of Yuengling in his fridge. Even though he’s an Ole Miss fan and we’ve been officially dating less than a month. Seriously, one of the nicest things anyone has ever done in the history of the whole world. This relationship terrifies me but I’m pretty sure it’s worth it.
4) I’m kind of loving SEC football because it’s crazytown and intense. However, I know next to nothing about it. Case in point… three teams I thought were in the SEC that actually aren’t: Baylor, Florida State (I really should have known that), and Oklahoma (don’t ask me why I thought they were). Also, I still don’t care one way or another regarding the Auburn vs. Alabama rivalry.

I’m so damn happy that football is back. The joy of watching someone catch a pass in the end zone is always way more intense during the end of August and beginning of September.

And a few of us got two parking spots for the USA/Nicholls State game this Saturday. First crazy tailgate of the year! Although, since I’m used to Pitt and Penn State games, this is gonna be a bit of a different experience. All you have to do to get parking spots is claim them and pick up the passes. Same for tickets. That’s unreal since I’m used to the competitive unavailability of these things. I mean, South Alabama is still Division I (as of this year, haha) but like half as many kids go here… compared to Pitt, at least (and its 1/3 compared to Penn State). Lord knows I’m gonna be drunk and cheering my face off though, so that part’s the same. I have school spirit in all situations.

Except when Pitt continues to embarrass themselves season after season. I will totally stand by a team to the end if they suck just because they suck (go Buccos). But Pitt sucks because they call terrible plays and throw terrible passes and fumble around like idiots. Consistently. Every season. I refuse to stand by that. If you’re theoretically supposed to be good but still end up sucking, that’s not ok. Get your shit together.

I’m kind of ashamed to have gone there now. Especially amongst all my SEC friends. I think I’m just gonna pretend that I’m not a Pitt grad from now on. If someone’s ever like “Hey Liz, didn’t you go there?” during the humiliating ESPN highlights (which I’m still boycotting, BTW), I’ll just be like “Umm… what?… No…” because that’s totally convincing and not shady so it’s gonna work.

In other semi-related sports news, I’m obviously absolutely happy that the Pirates might be able to slide into the playoffs… even though it’s actually been looking kind of grim as of late. I’d seriously cut off my left hand if it meant that this would come true though. Every time someone posts a status about being at a game or a picture of PNC Park, my heart breaks a little. Up until this summer, I’m pretty sure I’ve gone to at least one game a year since it opened. There are pros and cons to every major life decision.

And I know that on Sunday night when the Steelers play, I’m probably gonna put on my Polamalu jersey and curl up on the couch in the fetal position and be really freaking sad because it’s not the same.

TLDR: Despite not having posted for almost a month, nothing’s really changed.

Ginger Problems

I’m currently sitting on an assortment of ice packs because I drank too many hurricanes at the beach and failed to reapply sunscreen appropriately so the back of my legs are super pink and hurt quite a lot. If you’re prone to sunburns, you know that if a sunburn is already hurting within a few hours of leaving the beach, you have a rough couple of days coming up. But I’m a champ and I refuse to stay in tonight because of this so I’m doing damage control right now.

I’ve never gone as far as sitting on ice packs before, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Plus, the front of my legs and arms and stomach are a little less pale. So, if just one part of me got a super bad sunburn but the rest of me is more normal looking, I don’t give a damn. No pain, no gain.

This is what my mom made me wear at the beach when I was younger to protect me from the vicious sun:

I had two choices. Either wear that or have to stay at the house. Obviously, I chose the beach.

And understandably, I have self-esteem issues from being pale now. When Mary saw this picture a couple years ago, she said…

You look like the anthropologists in the fieldwork documentaries I have to watch for class.


I was also weirdly tall with the longest/boniest arms and legs of all time. You couldn’t pay me to go back to elementary school. Thankfully, I reached a max height of only 5’7″ and while I still have really long legs, that’s more of an asset at this point. I get a lot of free drinks. Maybe someday I’ll come to terms with my pale skin too. But it’s doubtful.

Also, Ben notified me that it costs $35 to watch the Steelers games from last season. Eff that. The memories are all I need.

How Do They Know?!

The answer is “yes.” Yes, I do need some Steelers football in my life NOW.

Am I lame if I actually do this? I mean, I do need background noise for my all-day study session tomorrow…

And I’d only rewatch the good ones, of course. Even thinking about the Baltimore games makes me nauseous.

I’d definitely rewatch the Titans game though. Fuck yeah, trick plays! And I vaguely recall shouting from the rooftops about how much I love Troy Polamalu and Max Starks after that game too. It was one of those situations where you go from “WTF is happening?” to “Oh shit, we got this!” Not the best game of the season but it definitely has a high rewatch value, in my opinion.

Within the next 60 minutes, I know I’m gonna get a text from Ben that says “Yes, you’re actually super lame if you do that” or something to that effect.

I Wonder What Happens If You Ask Steelers Fans A Question About Troy Polamalu…

Well, if I have to be completely honest, I think that he should have been voted #1. Or at least top 10. And like 2,000+ other people agree.

Here’s just a snapshot of comments…

Hahaha… I love Steeler Nation. Yinzers ❤