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If I Were You, I’d Come Back Home

This one makes my heart melt instead of explode:  If I Were You by Whiskey Farm

If I were you, I’d answer my letters
If I were you, I’d pick up the phone
If I were you, I’d try to make this better
If I were you, I’d come back home

If I were you, I’d head for the mountains
Far away from the city lights
Find a spot where your heart can’t hear nothin’
And let it fly into the night

This wasn’t what we planned, no
I guess you did what you had to do
And maybe I’d understand
If I were you

If I were you, I’d call up your mother
She always knew just what to say
Ask her if I deserve another
Chance to make you want to stay

This wasn’t what we planned, no
I guess you did what you had to do
And maybe I’d understand
If I were you

If I were you, I’d answer my letters
If I were you, I’d pick up the phone
If I were you, I’d try to make this better
If I were you, I’d come back home

And it kinda makes me feel like a bitch for always being the one who leaves. But none of my former love interests have ever cared whether or not I stayed. I think I’d act differently if the circumstances were different.

The shittiest thing is when you want someone to want you to stay but they don’t so you have to go. I hate being the one who always has to call it.

The Avett Brothers put it best, as usual…

How can you tell when goodbye means goodbye?
Not just for now…  for the rest of you life
How can you stand there with love in you eyes
And still be walking away?


I Want To Find You And More

Anything involving a banjo is automatically going to make my heart explode.

Anything involving the Avett Brothers is automatically going to make my heart explode.

So, the fact that the new Avett Brothers song is heavily banjo-ed is almost too much for my heart to handle.

I can basically guarantee to you that at some point in my life, I will live in a house like this:

In a swamp like this:

And spend my time making music in a band like this:

But I call the washboard. Someone else can have the banjo.

And I obviously can’t move to Austin because I need water like I need air. Lakes don’t count. I require things that change and flow.

Forgive Yourself If You Think That You Can

Thunderstorms every day. I love it here.

I’m currently watching the live Avett Brothers stream on the Bonnaroo YouTube channel. And OH MY GOODNESS…it’s so damn good.

Today, the World Cup qualifiers start for the US. Obviously loving that as well.

And just for good measure, here are my current favorite things from the internet (in no particular order):
1) Brandon Jacobs has the sweetest 6 year old fan of all time. Football matters, people.
2) Proof that toddlers have the best lives
3) Wikipedia
4) The Roots

Die Then Grow

1) Clinical is pretty damn awesome. Even though it’s lots of sleep deprivation (like yesterday I had a clinical day then 10 hours of clinical paperwork to do afterwards then had to be back at the hospital at 6:30 this morning), I’m calmer and happier than I’ve been in years.

2) Here’s a dose of the Avett Brothers since I haven’t given you one in awhile:

So, I watched as those who ask for love, demanding some respect
Became the last in line to have what they come to expect
As what nobody taught them that they so rightly deserve
And the hums of their misfortune peaked, the hardest lesson learned

3) “I’m still young! But I’m not that young.”

This guy pretty much hits the nail on the head when it comes to describing what it’s like to be 24.

I don’t want to get married. But I can see myself settling down in a few years if I met the right girl.

Used to drink heavily, now it’s a rare occurrence

Doesn’t matter if i stumble, I’m on my parents insurance

Gotta hit the gym ’cause I’m losing my agility

No joke: last summer there was a week where my tailbone hurt for no reason. And I mentioned it to my mom. Her response, verbatim, was:

Well, you’re 24. You’re getting to that age where you start to have aches and pains for no reason.

WHAT?! It was a rude awakening. I kind of felt like those things didn’t happen until you’re 40. And so, on that day, I think I accepted mortality. Feelings of invincibility have long since passed.

4) For the record… I do, in fact like Greg and Donny better than Pittsburgh Dad. But it’s way old news and there are no new episodes. So, why would I blog about it? Hmm? And I’m not sure why people always have to make things a competition between two preferences when there’s nothing wrong with liking both. Also, Pittsburgh Dad is the funniest thing on Twitter.

5) Speaking of the Pens… I couldn’t watch the game due to clinical stuff. But I checked the score when it was over. WHAT HAPPENED?! 10 goals is outrageous. I fell on the floor from happiness and definitely need to see this game at some point in my life.

6) I need a house husband. Duties of a house husband:
– Make me breakfast, pack my lunch, and cook dinner
– Clean the house, run errands, and pay bills
– Record Pens games so I can watch them when I have time
– Work out every day and stay hot
– Give me massages when my upper back hurts from stress

7) Today I learned about cornbread dressing and other differences between Thanksgiving in the south and the one I’ve always known. Food is just better here. In pretty much every way. I mean, baked mac n cheese instead of steamed vegetables?! I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS. Obviously don’t have enough days off to go home but I’m not sad about it at all anymore.

Amen Omen

There has to be a lesson in today. It was too terrible to have happened for no reason.

Ordered from most terrible to least terrible:

1) Psych clinicals started today. I’m beyond frustrated. I know that nursing is like nothing no one has ever done until they do it. But damn. Today kicked my ass. I know that this is something that just takes practice and no one is going to be perfect on the first day, but I have a failure complex or something and sometimes (when people are involved) anything short of perfect feels like a failure to me. I’m good at therapeutic type interactions when there aren’t specific objectives other than making the person feel better by simple interacting with them. Now I have lists of things to address of info and assessment purposes and it’s hard to find a good balance.
2) Even being at my clinical site for 7 short hours reignited my hostility towards Republicans. WE NEED MORE FUNDING FOR ALL SOCIAL SERVICES. WE NEED MORE HEALTHCARE REFORM. How do you people not get that?
3) Somehow the key to my apartment broke off my key ring today and I had to track down my landlord at the end of an exhausting day just to get into my home. Fuck. I hate living alone right now. Taxes and key mishaps. The list of reasons to get married are growing.
4) I realized that the Avett Brothers show is basically the same time as the Lehigh/Duke game. That was a no brainer. Lehigh wins. Even if when they lose, it will have been worth it. I already sold my ticket. But I’m still bummed that I have to miss the Avett Brothers AGAIN. I also wish I was at home to watch the game with my dad. I’m gonna be the only one at the bar rooting for Lehigh. I will definitely be missing the sense of community that sports provide. It’s not really an issue of being in the minority, but more the fact that there’s no one to share the joyful moments with.

Anyway, due to the shittiness of these things, I came home and collapsed on my couch and watched Ben Harper things on Hulu and drank lots of hot mint tea. I will rally again tomorrow.

If There’s A Reason, It’s Lost On Me

Today, I learned that you can make scrambled eggs in the microwave in a mug. My life will never be the same. This solves every problem I have with making eggs. First of all, it takes more than 4 minutes. Second of all, you have to clean a skillet AND a bowl after it’s over. And I never feel like doing that. So, I never make scrambled eggs. That sounds super lazy but I’m on a tight time budget here. I only sleep 5 hours per night (max) during the week. I like to keep my cooking and dishes to a minimum so they don’t take away any extra time away (even if it’s just 3 minutes) from those precious 5 hours

Here’s the recipe, according to Alexis who posted it:

spray pam in a mug. scramble 2 eggs. add milk, pepper, garlic powder. microwave for 50 sec. add cheese. microwave for another 50 sec or so. PERFECTION ACHIEVED.

Perfection indeed.

I’m now a disciple for scrambled eggs in the microwave. Spread the word. Change lives.

Other things that save my life:
Third Eye Blind at 3am
– Cinnabon cereal at 3am
– The guy who works the overnight shift at FedEx Office. He’s my new BFF. I see him a lot now. He talks to me about stupid stuff while I print things because the library is closed. He’s bored. I’m tired. Symbiosis.
– The fact that FedEx Office is open 24 hours.
The Avett Brothers at 7am
– Coffee all damn day

Also, one of my classmates started laughing for no reason in Pharmacology today. And had to pretend to cough to hide the fact that she was laughing. But then she started laughing again. And had to pretend to cough again. Sometimes you start laughing and just can’t stop. She sits diagonally in front of me. The person next to me started to laugh because it was hilarious that this other girl was laughing for no reason. The person next to me then proceeded to fake cough as well. All of this was obviously freakin hilarious to me too because people laughing for no reason is automatically funny and also really contagious. I didn’t laugh fortunately. But I think I wasted half a day’s energy trying not to. Then the guy behind me started to laugh then cough. Shortly thereafter, the laughing for no reason and fake coughing was squelched and no longer spreading. Thank God. It was one of the weirdest/funniest thing I’ve ever experienced. I think that story makes us sound like crazy people. Go to nursing school –> become insane.

Finally, good news/bad news…

Bad news first: Mary told me a few days ago that she’s punking out on her Christianity post. Which is sad because she’s super chill about it and has a really cool non-traditional views about some things. I guess she wrote most of it then stopped because she didn’t know how to finish it or something. If you want to send her a hate e-mail because you’ve been let down, just send it to me and I’ll forward it to her.

Good news second: Ashley said she’d write something when I asked her last week and I think she has equally awesome views on Christianity so I’m pretty pumped. Be on the lookout for that at some point! I finally got around to adding her as a contributor 🙂

Ashley > Mary

Like The Love That Let Us Share Our Name

It’s true that as you get older, you get along better with your parents.

My mom’s current favorite band is the Avett Brothers. She apparently listened to them quite a lot in Tennessee on the drive back to NY a few weeks ago.

And her response to my excitement about being able to buy wine at Target was exactly as follows… “Is it bum wine?” Ahahaha.

If you’re not familiar with bum wine, this is a good resource.

One weekend, I found a huge bottle of Taylor Port at home and I was like “Mom, WTF. This is bum wine,” and her response was “What’s that mean?” so then I had to explain and THEN she was like “Oh, have you ever had Wild Irish Rose? We used to drink that all the time!” Gross.

My mom is a crazy person. I personally have never had any bum wine but Ed and Matt and a few other people were trying to do the bum wine world tour and it was terrible to be around them. It makes you act weird. And smell weird. Bum wine is the line for me, along with certain brands of tequila. Tequila is one of those things you just can’t drink as you get older. By your early twenties, too many bad nights have started with tequila and your brain starts to link it with disaster. Vodka tastes like nothing. But tequila’s distinct flavor will forever taste like hangover now.

My mom also apparently got a little too drunk with the neighbors one night a few months ago and she like slipped on the bank between their house and ours and my dad had to support her the rest of the walk home. Which still makes me smile so hard when I think about her telling the story.

Based on the fact that my parents were super super super strict while I was growing up, these things surprise me. My mom was crazy in her twenties and traveled around with her friends in a van every summer when they didn’t have to work because they were teachers, guidance counselors, etc and had the summers off. She didn’t marry my dad until she was 33 and she didn’t have me until she was almost 35 and then she had two more kids, 2 and 4 years later. She’s the reason I refuse to feel any pressure to settle down and get married any time soon.

Until you meet the nearly perfect man for you, just keep living it up. You have time. My mom refused to settle and then she met my dad and they got married before they’d even been dating a whole year because they knew almost immediately that it was right, I guess. And now they’ve been married for 26 years.

It seems like it’s really common for moms to go from crazy to conservative then back to crazy when their kids are all grown up. A few other people have said the same thing have happened to theirs. I like my crazy mom better. Especially now that she hates the Republican party because they’re ridiculous. Republicans, if you can turn my mother (the lifelong hardcore Republican) into a Democrat, then you’re doing something wrong. Way wrong.

Also, someone posted a picture of kids saying the Pledge of Allegiance on Facebook and the caption was:

We no longer do this for… fear… of Offending Someone !!! Let’s see how many Americans will re-post this .

Then my mom (she’s a principal) responded with:

I love the picture but have an issue with the commentary…WE DO do this every day in our schools. Those who choose not to salute may remain seated while others salute. Remember that the same CONSTITUTION that protects OUR freedom also protects the freedom of all.

Haha… badass. My mom is awesome.

Drew says he’s going to take my computer away if I don’t stop writing blogs about nothing because he knows I’m using it to procrastinate. Good luck, buddy.